The West Africa Power and Petroleum Awards (WAPPA) is committed to making a difference in the sub-region through its platform. The Awards will highlight high impact and economically viable projects or initiatives to the donor and investor communities. This will be achieved in three activity structures:

Panel Forum:

International energy specialists will interact with participants about current challenges in the industry to offer real-time, sub-specific solutions. Selected speakers and well-known authorities in the subject area will moderate these conversations.

Investor Conferences:

An interactive forum that will allow participating Heads of States, Energy Ministers and sector companies to pitch select-projects in their respective countries to a convened investor group and take advantage of partnership options available.

Project Impact:

One shortlisted energy project or initiative will be highlighted to the donor community to mobilise resources that advance their completion, and expands their social and environmental impact. The established eligibility criteria includes clean energy solutions, increased energy access, climate action , improved institutional capacity and local content participation. The projected fund for this initiative will be US$1million.