About Us

As the energy sector terrain in West Africa continues to realise commendable advancements, it has become important to recognise the commitments of key drivers behind these positive developments. This will spur on the energy development process, mobilise resources and attract the needed investment to support the subregion’s energy needs.

The West Africa Power and Petroleum (WAPP) Chamber in furtherance of its mandate will in 2024 organise the maiden edition of the ‘West Africa Power and Petroleum Awards (WAPPA)’ to advance this objective. The WAPPA platform will serve as a bridge to connect energy development across the power and petroleum subsectors in the subregion, and State Leaders driving them. The focus of the Awards on West Africa falls within the mandate of the Chamber, and it is driven by the desire to leverage the gains made in fostering cooperation and integration in the sub-region through the efforts of the regional bloc of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) among others.

A key aspect of the Awards will be its underlying focus on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals - UN SDGs 7, 13 and 17 - by honouring policies and projects that increase energy access, advance sustainable energy solutions and leadership-driven initiatives that address climate change. WAPPA will further look to mobilise resources and attract the needed investment to support select projects under its Project Impact.

To facilitate the growth, inclusion, sustainability and transparency of the energy sector, the Chamber, using the broader platform of the Awards, will convene an influential community featuring Heads of State, Energy Ministers, representatives of relevant regional blocs, donors, investors, financiers, top-level business executives, and all who matter in the West Africa petroleum and power sector chain.