Got Any Questions?
1 What is the difference between the WAPP Chamber and the WAPPA?
The WAPP Chamber is a non-profit organisation dedicated to advancing sustainable energy development in West Africa. It hosts thoughtful and actionable discussions backed by research, identifies opportunities for projects, attracts resources for social impact initiatives, and seeks to create an enabling environment through advocacy and policy frameworks. In furtherance of its mandate, the WAPP Chamber established the West Africa Power and Petroleum Awards (WAPPA) to recognise the commitment of key drivers behind commendable energy developments in the subregion, spur on further development, and attract the needed investment to support the subregion’s energy needs.
2 How can companies/organisations be a part of the WAPP Chamber?
Contact the Secretariat at (+233) 030 3940 300 0 or to start the application process for membership in the Chamber.
3 Where and when will the maiden edition of WAPPA take place?
WAPPA's inaugural event will be held in Accra, Ghana, in September 2024.
4 What is the submission timeline for the 2024 WAPPA?
Applications and nominations can be submitted from 1 September 2023 to 31 July 2024 at 23:59 GMT. 
5 Can a request for an extension be made due to the inability to submit by the deadline?
Only nominations and applications received by the deadline will be considered. As late entries will not be allowed, we advise starting your application or nomination as soon as possible.
6 Can an application be edited once submitted?
Applicants can make changes to their nominations prior to submission after which modifications will not be allowed.
7 Who will be assessing the submissions?
Before being submitted to the 9-member WAPPA Awarding Council for scoring, all applications and nominations are assessed by the WAPP Secretariat.
8 How will applicants find out if they have been shortlisted?
All finalists will be contacted by the WAPP Secretariat by July 2024. Subsequently, a press release will be issued regarding shortlisted applicants. Winners will be announced at the main event in September 2024.
9 What language should applications /nominations be submitted in?
Applications or nominations should be submitted in either English or French. Applicants are also welcome to upload supporting documents, pictures or videos in any of the two languages.
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